You Have to Have One by Law

Setting up a business in Singapore took some serious legwork. I had to move quickly to obtain Singapore corporate secretarial services when someone threw a wrench in my carefully laid plans. I had all my ducks in a row. I had all the paperwork obtained, filled out, signed, everything that was needed. I had all my people in place. We had our operation up and ready to run, all the computers online, everything was set to go. I even had the corporate secretary, required by law to run a business here, hired. He was a highly qualified person.

Then he up and quit at the last minute. It was devastating. Now we couldn’t do anything. Well, we could’ve tried to just push ahead but you absolutely must have a corporate secretary. They’re the person who advises the board about various business activities and you must have one. Not having one likely means your business permit will be revoked by the authorities, and the last thing we wanted was to gain a reputation as rule breakers who cut important corners. Losing the permit would be bad, but if fines were involved we would be on the hook for those as well.

My job basically hinged on replacing this guy immediately. I made a few quick calls to friends in the city and they suggested going online and finding a company that acts as your corporate secretary. It’s a one step process and they have a team of highly trained people who know the law and who can step in and act in that role. I was skeptical I could line them up quickly. It really was a situation of needing their assistance now and not tomorrow. Fortunately they hopped on the problem and we proceeded as planned. I love it when a plan comes together!

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