We Did Not Want to Go Without Air Conditioning

When my mom decided to move to Florida, she gave her house to my family. My wife and I were thrilled because she would only accept one dollar for payment, which meant that we would save a fortune on rent payments. Our kids have all really enjoyed spending time at her house too with one exception. She did not have air conditioning, so it did make it hard for all of us in the summer time. I knew that we had to look up AC installation in New York City so we could find a company that would be able to come out and make the house a lot more comfortable for us.

Since we were renting prior to this, we did not have any experience with HVAC companies. Any time something went wrong, we just called the apartment building manager who took care of it for us. I figured my best shot at finding the right company was going to be looking online and choosing one that way. It did not take long to determine that Air Repair was the one we were going to use. They just had a lot of good things going for them.

What I really liked is that they have a strong history. I don’t mind doing business with new companies, but there is something to be said for a company that can prove they have always been there for their customers for decades. When they came out, they gave us the different options for Mom’s house. We all wanted central air, and the price that was quoted to us was definitely fair. They were even able to have it installed before we moved in, which made not only the kids happy but my wife and I as well. I guess we are spoiled, but we just did not want to go without air conditioning!

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