Their Hair and Body Products Are the Best

When I first started wearing makeup, one of the things that my mum was most insistent upon was that I removed it the proper way. Learning that lesson when I was so young has taught me the value of taking care of my skin, because I get compliments on how smooth and young looking it is all the time. One of the reasons is because of the natural face cleanser that I use. I used to use a different one, but I switched to the one that Waterlilies and Company makes as soon as a friend introduced me to it a few years ago.

The one that I get is the Aloe Vera and Sunflower Oil Makeup Remover, and it is so nice because it removes even the best mascaras that are water proof. It is very gentle to use too, and it does not cost very much money. What I really like about this company is that they have other products that I use on a regular basis now too. I started looking around their website after using the make up remover for about a month, because I wanted to see what else they have that I would want to use.

I tried the different scents they have, and the one I like the best is the grapefruit lime organic shampoo and conditioner. My hair looks absolutely brilliant now that I am using both on a regular basis, and I give all the credit to the products that I am using. I no longer have to worry about frizzy hair, and there is a shine to it that was just never there before I started using it. That is why I will always use their products as part of my beauty regime, because they make me look the best out of all the products I have used in the past.

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