Not Being Able to Get Around Easily Really Took a Toll on Me

After breaking my leg in a hiking fall, I found myself down and out for quite some time. As someone who lives for being active, it was incredibly hard to not be able to get out and do things that make me happy. For the first week, I couldn’t do much but lay down. It took about 3 months to heal enough to stand without a cast or crutches. I felt weak all over due to the lack of movement for so long. I went to a chiropracter in South Surrey to see if he could help. I was even having some pain in my leg, and I was not sure what that was from.

I was always one of the kids who could not wait for gym class in school. I could always tell which students wanted no part of being there. They were usually the last ones to change into their gym uniform. They usually hung back in the class and hoped not to be picked for any team sports. In fact, they typically tried to stay out of view of the gym teacher so that they wouldn’t have to do as much. I always felt sorry for them because that was how I felt like acting when I had to be in math class or some other class I couldn’t stand to be in. As for myself, I was always front and center for gym.

Laying around watching TV and not being able to simply go for a walk around my neighborhood was torture. I would open the windows near my couch just to get some fresh air and feel a nice breeze. Still not feeling up to par once my leg healed was frustrating, too. The chiropractor helped me pretty easily to get past that, though. I found myself hoping that I never again had to sustain injuries that would keep me down, but when you like to get physical, that’s the risk you take.

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