Lexington Kentucky Apartments for Good Prices

I am going to be going to a university in Lexington, and I think most of you will know the one I am talking about. I guess I could go out and say it, but what is the fun in that. But anyway, since I am a transfer student, I am not going to be living on a campus, but rather will need to find apartments for Lexington KY that are available at a good price. I am not going to have that much money to spend, and i will be living on a budget, or as close to living on a budget, as I can manage.

I have never been very good with budgets in the past, so there is a bit of concern in my mind, about having to live on my own in an apartment. It might be easier for me to make my money last, if I were to able to just pay all of my rent for the entire semester up front as soon as I get my financial aid money.

I know that would be easier, but I guess I could still run into problems. But the biggest problem I am going to face, is finding a place that is cheap and still close enough for me to be able to get to campus for my classes without having any trouble. I wish that I had a car, because I am rather sick of having to rely on buses to get to campus and back to my apartment. It is what I had to do at my last university, and it caused me to miss class on anumber of occasions. It can be really ridiculous at times, when the bus is say 30 minutes late. That has happened to me more than just once.

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