I Had to Hire Movers

I was really happy when my mom told me she was finally ready to move closer to me. She didn’t want to leave the only home she had known for the past 40 years, but it was just too big for her. Others had moved away too, so there weren’t even a lot of people she knew in the area any longer. There are small condos not far from me, and I was happy when she told me to contact some home movers in Singapore to move her furniture into the one that she had purchased.

We knew that it would not take long to sell the house, because it is in great shape. She wanted to be out before people started walking through it to decide if it was the perfect home for their own families. I understood her reasoning, because I was giving up a part of myself then too. Instead of dwelling on that, I focused on finding her a moving company that would be able to handle her furniture and other things quickly and professionally. I had never hired a moving company before, because when I moved into my own condo, I had purchased everything new.

I knew that would not work for my mom though, so I just started looking at the different moving companies in the area. There were quite a few, and I was tempted at first to look at one that was extremely cheap. I remembered what I had read though about quality coming before cost, so I looked at the others first. I wanted a company that was insured, could be trusted, and was professional, and that is exactly what I found with the moving company that I ended up going with. They were able to move my mom’s stuff in one day, and we are so happy to start this next part of our lives with her so much closer now.

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