How I Told My Parents I Wanted to Attend a Music School in Singapore

Getting the right amount of education is difficult. My parents want me to learn everything, and I am not saying that so much in jest as you may think. They want me to become a medical doctor in order to assure a proper method of earning a living. If that is not acceptable, then an engineer that is also an architect would satisfy them. They see Singapore growing for a long time to come. However, my talents are in music, and it is quite obvious. I approached them about attending a music school in Singapore in addition to my regular studies.

They want to concentrate their tuition payments on things that will net me the highest income and job stability. It took me some time to complete the research, but I showed them the facts about how I could earn in the music industry as well as how much. They thought I had an aspiration of being a pop star or rap artist even though they know that I have much broader tastes in music. They know that I have not missed one lesson for the piano and violin I study, so that was a great help in convincing them that I really would thrive at a music school in Singapore that I picked out to attend.

I will be studying three extra hours per day in addition to my regular education. The school will prepare me for a job as soon as I graduate. I will have my secondary education and my music studies diploma at the same time, so I will be able to move into the working world immediately. Then I will have opportunities to continue my education. The music school in Singapore will help me to develop a working portfolio that I can use for employment. Plus, three months of the education includes an internship. This is what I want.

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