NYC’s latest 3D Printing Store 3D Heights

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Video transcript: Last Saturday (21st December) 3D Heights launched the grand opening of another 3D printing store in Manhattan (NYC), and is aiming high. The storefront carries six modern computers, a range of 3D printers and 3D scanning technology that they can begin using in various ways.

The computers make up the design lab, where patrons will be able to digitally model objects free of charge. 3D Heights will be selling 3D printers, including the Cube, Cube X and Solidoodle platforms.

3D Heights also carries a range of 3D scanners, including the Microsoft Kinect, 3D Systems Sense and ASUS Xtion PRO Live for object ($25) or full body scanning ($75).

3D printing services are also offered, fullfilled using Makerbot, Afinia, Cube, Cube X Duo & Trio, Solidoodle or Filabot 3D printers. 3D Heights also has an Mcor Iris for full colour printing. The cost of printing an object on one of the shop’s FDM/FFF machines is $15 per print.

The founder Jerry Castanos served in the US Army, where he was exposed to 3D printing. On seeing 3D printers produce mission critical parts, on-the-fly, on more than one occasion, Jerry caught glimpses of a future in which everyone might turn to 3D printers to create items on demand.

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