Dremel’s New 3D Printer

Dremel 3D Idea Builder was announced today at MakerCon in New York City, the first 3D printer to be released by a major tool manufacturer, and represents further maturation of at-home additive manufacturing. With initial sales being handled by traditional tool-sales outlets Home Depot, Amazon, and Canadian Tire, it promises to help expose 3D printing to a new range of users. With a combination of accessible features, smart packaging, and a $999 price point, it’s obvious that the Dremel Idea Builder is a machine aimed squarely at the mass market.

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42 thoughts on “Dremel’s New 3D Printer

  1. You should show us less of the actual printer working, and more people standing there talking about it. Then I can truly understand it's capabilities.

  2. So how realistic is it that eventually the ridges between the layers in 3D printing will with time "disappear" Not too pleasant for the eye. This is one of the major drawbacks of 3D printing yes?!

  3. If they can do that with wax, then you got something you can resurface and use in prototyping or goldsmiths.

  4. Dont buy that one! Dremel has just taken a flashforge dreamer and removed some features. Just spend an extra $100 dollars and buy the Flashforge Dreamer with heated build plate & dual extruder. A Lot more possibilities

  5. i make my own 3d models. will this badboy print them out? little dino heads and frogs? lol. can this thing print out a fully detailed spaceship model?

  6. @ 00:56 – If they feel that the design software piece is a critical element, then why didn't they give a demonstration on how easy it is to use?

  7. I want a 3d printer to make replicas of 2 things. The cold gun and heat gun from the cw's The Flash. Moving triggers. Sounds and lights. Where can I get those?

  8. I guess that means they burn all the start up companies
    the only thing that would make it worst would be coca cola red XD

  9. if they somehow bump it down to 800 or if ever possible 600 with magic then i would get this its well dremel brand their dremels work i own a few so i would know… but will their 3d printer work?

  10. Wow, the last couple seconds of the video actually show a print failing by coming unadhered to the build platform.  The plastic should not be moving around like that.  It would be less likely to do this if it came with a heated bed.  I think its pretty funny that they actually showed a video of a print failing in their promotional video!

  11. I did not expect DREMEL to be in the 3D printer game… DREMEL's products are quite reliable I bet if it were broken IT WILL STILL PRINT that's how good their product is

  12. It's bigger companies like you that should be making a more competitive 3d printer available to the masses not just another overpriced printer for 999 there's no way people will buy this over other models with better print quality and much cheaper price tag is you think this is for the mass market you need your head looking at 999 is out of reach for a VERY large percent of people interested in 3d printing. It's a shame

  13. Awesome tool if it could make or copy war gaming miniatures. Wouldn't need to buy so many guys for hundreds of dollars. Lol just over a few thousand dollars to buy the materials

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