39 thoughts on “DIY Action Figures with 3D printing!

  1. If you are printing a figurine with a floating cape, how would the 3D printer react and work?
    Imagine printing out the figurine, but then you notice that the cape just fell off

  2. Guys. this is awesome. Would you recommend someone over his 30s to learn how to do this? I've been reading and there are teenagers who are already experts. That's a bit discouraging competition-wise.

  3. Is there a way to scan an object of a helmet or hat to print out to use ona 6 inch figure? A
    WW2 helmet or a Rebel trooper helmet?(Star Wars-White helmet)?

  4. Thanks for the Kinect idea! Did not know it could be used like that. I scanned in my whole house with one. (File size was absolutely giant and took forever to do but it was cool to walk through it in VR)

  5. So how would you take the 3-d model and apply it to film making? like making rag dolls or just scanning objects to have in your shot like a shield flying or a model of a person doing an insane dunk?

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