My Last Hope is Tennis

I've grown tired of making regular sports predictions. I've tried betting on just about everything, but I always end up losing. There's only one game left that I haven't predicted, and that is tennis. I think tennis predictions will be easier to make because the games are more based on individual skill, rather than team skills. With a team, everything is a bit harder to predict because there are more variables involved. You never completely know how the team as a whole will be performing on a certain day. One day they could be as cohesive as well oiled machine, while the next they could be having the worst game of their entire career.

Tennis players stick to a certain style that works for them. You'll rarely see a tennis player that will start switching up their styles in the middle of their career, unless there is some kind of life changing injury that affects their ability to play properly. With these set skills in mind, a person could easily make accurate predictions about how the players will perform when facing against others. Even the players realize that they have set skills that work better against certain types of players.

If I can't win at tennis predictions, I'm going to just give up. I've already lost a lot of money on the other sports, and I don't want to put myself in debt. Borrowing money is no fun, and if you borrow from the wrong person, you might get into a situation where the lender won't be so kind if you don't pay the money back. I've never run into anyone that would use physical violence against someone who doesn't pay back money, but I know there are probably some in my town that do it. I'd rather not sleep with the fishes.

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