Finding Photographers for a Wedding

I am trying to figure out who to hire for wedding photography because I am getting married in the near future, and I would like to help out with the preparations at little bit. Well, my wife gave me a list of the things that I can help out with, that she actually trusts me with. I am going to call Doerman photography and talk to them about the job. I have a friend that just recently used them and I looked at the pictures, and they looked to be pretty good, but I guess I don't know what a bad wedding photograph would look like to be honest.

I don't know much about photography in general. Usually when photography shows come on PBS I get bored and change the station. But yesterday I saw one that was actually pretty interesting. The guy was in a plane flying around some volcano in Alaska and taking aerial pictures with the door of the plane open. Seems kind of crazy, and he even had one of his feet sticking out of the plane, resting on the wing. I definitely wouldn't do that, much less be in a plane with the door open. But anyway, he was wearing two seat belts at the time, so I guess that made a little better.

I will say that the volcano they were taking pictures of was pretty. It makes me want to take a trip to Alaska one day and experience the landscapes. I am sure it would be a great place to travel to, as long as it was not winter at the time. I have never traveled much in my life, but I hope that after I get married, my future wife and I will have a lot of opportunities to travel ahead of us.

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