Their Hair and Body Products Are the Best

When I first started wearing makeup, one of the things that my mum was most insistent upon was that I removed it the proper way. Learning that lesson when I was so young has taught me the value of taking care of my skin, because I get compliments on how smooth and young looking it is all the time. One of the reasons is because of the natural face cleanser that I use. I used to use a different one, but I switched to the one that Waterlilies and Company makes as soon as a friend introduced me to it a few years ago. Read more

Not Being Able to Get Around Easily Really Took a Toll on Me

After breaking my leg in a hiking fall, I found myself down and out for quite some time. As someone who lives for being active, it was incredibly hard to not be able to get out and do things that make me happy. For the first week, I couldn’t do much but lay down. It took about 3 months to heal enough to stand without a cast or crutches. I felt weak all over due to the lack of movement for so long. I went to a chiropracter in South Surrey to see if he could help. I was even having some pain in my leg, and I was not sure what that was from.

I was always one of the kids who could not wait for gym class in school. I could always tell which students wanted no part of being there. They were usually the last ones to change into their gym uniform. They usually hung back in the class and hoped not to be picked for any team sports. In fact, they typically tried to stay out of view of the gym teacher so that they wouldn’t have to do as much. Read more

I Needed to Make Sure That I Was Ready to Work on My Own

For quite some time, I thought about going into business for myself. I had worked for other people for a long time, and I felt that I had learned enough about my craft to not need to be under someone else’s authority. I had to do my research first. For example, I needed to make sure that I could find all the powertool parts in Canada that I would need so that I would not need to order from other countries. If I found that I needed to go to sources elsewhere, that could really eat into my profit and cause me to not stay in business. Read more

I Did Not Want to Lose the Tree

When we moved into our home about a year ago, there was a tree about 25 feet tall. It did not look all that great, but I am a huge believer in saving nature when I can. I read different things online to see if I could figure out what I had to do to give the tree a fighting chance for life, but nothing I tried worked. I knew that the tree was more dangerous than anything by this point, so I looked up tree removal in Nassau County on my computer to find a tree service that would come out and do what had to be done.

It really did make me sad, but I was more concerned about the tree falling over and hurting someone since it can get pretty windy here at times. Read more

We Did Not Want to Go Without Air Conditioning

When my mom decided to move to Florida, she gave her house to my family. My wife and I were thrilled because she would only accept one dollar for payment, which meant that we would save a fortune on rent payments. Our kids have all really enjoyed spending time at her house too with one exception. She did not have air conditioning, so it did make it hard for all of us in the summer time. I knew that we had to look up AC installation in New York City so we could find a company that would be able to come out and make the house a lot more comfortable for us. Read more

I Am in Better Control of My Life Thanks to This Website

I really have zero idea what I would do if I lost access to my sign in that I use diligently all day long. I use that account to keep myself organized and keep my life on track. I struggled with staying on track all my life until the Internet came along as well as a host of different sites that I can use online that help me change my life forever. I have a better home life and work life as a result. Prior to the Internet struggled every day to remember and do things that I needed to do.

Some people just use their email to keep in touch with people they know or hear about the latest sale from a company mailing list that they are subscribed to. I do those things, but I also use my email for so much more. Many companies give you the ability to use an online calendar that is accessible to you anytime that you log in. I use that to stay abreast of meetings and general to-do thing that I need to be aware of every day, or even ever hour,too.

One of the other things that I do is to email myself important things that I need to remember. Some people just use a bookmarks program in their browser that they use to surf online, but bookmarks have never been something that jive well with the way my brain works. Instead, I go into my Hotmail account, make a variety of folders that are named in a way that I can remember what is in each folder easily, and then email myself information that I file away in the different folders. I guess it’s just the design of the website that works well with my brain. I can name the title what I want it to, and I can do searches to pull up past files that I’ve sent myself very quickly.

2012 NYC Digital Book Printing – Vendor Panel 2

Scott Schiller, Director, Worldwide Marketing and Business Development, Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions, Hewlett-Packard Company
Kris Albee, Marketing Director, Continuous Feed Product Marketing, Océ North America
George Promis, Vice President, Continuous Forms Production Solutions & Technology Alliances, Ricoh Production Printing
John Conley, Vice President Commercial Print and Publishing, Xerox Corporation

Instagram Hashtag Printing Station for Events in New York City | Royal Photo Booth

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Greentree Marketing Services Promotional Product Management in New York NY

Greentree Marketing Services Promotional Product Management in New York NY (305)395-9048
Greentree Marketing Services’ provides a simple platform that allows you to streamline ordering, production, fulfillment and distribution of all your marketing assets. (305) 395-9048

Greentree brings together the physical and digital marketing worlds into a single cloud-based platform allowing marketers to better manage production, branding and distribution of their marketing assets.

Greentree’s marketing management platform allows enterprises to provide marketing portals to sales teams, affiliates, franchisees, channel partners or any authorized users. Users can access marketing assets, order what they need, when they need it, through intuitive cloud-based marketing portals.

By providing modules in an easy-to-use online interface, we empower your network to access the materials they need. Our marketing platform easily adapts to all industries, business models and local networks. Our marketing platform will enrich your network, improve program adoption rates through automation, and make your local marketing work smarter to grow your brand.

Keep your brand compliance under control and improve speed to market—all through a single marketing platform.

Greentree’s marketing platform serves as a centralized web portal for:

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• Digital Asset Management in New York NY,
• Direct Mail in New York NY

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Manhattan Printing Services – Job Training NYC

Workforce Enterprises trains New Yorkers to work in the printing profession. offers full service print production while changing the lives of NYC residents with job skills.

This non-profit job training service was founded by professionals, to train professionals for jobs in the print industry.

New York Document Imaging and Binding Jobs

A Model for Mutual Collaboration and Growth ( )

Workforce Enterprises’ business model combines vocational training with a commercial digital imaging facility. We rely on commercial document imaging and binding projects to help finance our workforce development program, provide our trainers with “live projects” to illustrate proper production and quality control techniques and to infuse the training with a heightened sense of energy only a commercial environment can provide.

We’d like to compete for your next printing or copying job.
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Email: Sarah Ives, or
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Matan Digital Does Benetton

The Benetton worldwide UNHATE campaign, features a massive signage campaign, unveiled in Rome, Milan, Tel Aviv, Paris and New York. It includes indoor and giant billboard signs, measuring up to 17 X 10m (55.8×32.8ft). The billboards displayed below were printed in Tel Aviv by Yahav Digital Printing, on their three Matan Barak SWF UV Printers.

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